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Tapped harmonics on a cigarette butt
Never really liked the sabbath
Never really knew what a harmonic was
Never really knew all that much
Fell asleep at a party in the middle of a conversation
Just before I told her I loved her
For the 14th time that day
She knew what I was going to say
Haven't been drunk in three months
Never really knew what drunk was
Threw up paper cranes on the sidewalk
Forgot to take my shoes off
Went swimming with all my clothes on
Winter boots and mittens
Bears and bugs and reststops
Memories of what once was
When the sun still shone past 5 o'clock
And we still had hope for the winter months
'Til the new roommate stole your homebrew
Lied through her teeth I hope she pukes the truth
Alone, midnight, empty bottles of booze
Empty as the room I used to share with you
Where the walls still echo, and I barely pay rent
'Cause I quit my shitty job again
Went to the foodbank at 2 am
They were closed with nothing left
Now we live off stale bread and cigarettes
Bummed off the stranger sleeping in my bed
A face in a crowd, one in a dozen
Another loud speaker spewing out poison
A boat with a hole in the bottom
And I didn't want to drown so I stuck my face in
5 am watching movies
I fell asleep on your shoulder blade
For sixteen mondays
Of unemployed statutory holidays


from Drunk Driver​.​.​. Please Don't Fall Asleep, released April 1, 2011
Lyrics by KellyKelly




The Rumble Strips Halifax, Nova Scotia

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