Drunk Driver​.​.​. Please Don't Fall Asleep

by The Rumble Strips

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Kenn O'Connor
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Kenn O'Connor This album just might have saved my life. Because no matter how bad things get, maybe I can just let the squirrels eat. Favorite track: Squirrels Flocking To Yr Feet.
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released April 1, 2011

Recorded at The Flood House in the winter of 2011.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jawsh Carson.
90's Babies Collective #04.




The Rumble Strips Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Squirrels Flocking To Yr Feet
I thought you were a big jerk
Turns out you're just sad about your dead wife
You said you want to end your life
I thought, if you do that what will the birds eat?
What will the squirrels eat?
'Cause you've had squirrels flocking to your feet
Since you were 16
Asked your mom for bread
She gave you the crust of her sandwich
And you fed it to them
And you've had birds chirping on the street
Since you were 16
Took the popcorn off the christmas tree
'Cause you said they were hungry
You put it in their tummies
So maybe you could just let the birds eat
Maybe you could just let the squirrels eat
And I promise...
You'll have birds chirping on the street
When you're 80
Pick up that bag of seeds
You'll still be old and grumpy
And they'll still be hungry
And you'll have squirrels flocking to your feet
When you're 90
Pick up that Wonderbread
Throw it from the park bench
'Til you're 100
So maybe you could just let the squirrels eat
Maybe you could just let yourself live?
Track Name: You Changed Your Name
Pieces of paper stuck to the wall
Well the pictures are gone but the glue is not
Words that fell down, Okay I tore them off
And the flat paper notes of your favourite songs
The residue of what held together
Things that made you feel better
Is a constant reminder that you never felt good at all
Listening to laughter through the walls
You can run away, but how far can you go
When everywhere's the same, and nowhere feels like home
Every night you lay your head
Same four walls, different bed
Same ghosts standing over you
Sleepless dreams coming true
But you forget as soon as somebody walks into the room
But you forget as soon as somebody asks
How are you?
Track Name: The Emotional Lives Of Ducks
Lyrics by Kelly Kelly
Track Name: Pick Up Please
Eight blocks and three broken payphones
Everybody know there's no hope
With no dial tone
Gas stations, liquor stores, bus stops and houses
There's nobody home
At least no one you know lives here anymore
We sang along to all the same songs
I thought I got the meaning wrong
Or is it just the interpretation
Varies from person to person
It was a long run, but it's longer walk
There was a bunch of us
I guess that helps, we talk
And everyone is having lots of fun
You're doing better than you know
I don't know how I'm doing so
Where does that leave me?
But I don't feel crazy for the first time
since I was five
So I guess I must be doing something
Track Name: Paper Crane Puke
Wake up around 4 or 5
Just in time to watch the sink fill up
With dishes that plan to wash
Go outside watch an old man walk across the street
Sit on the stoop
Prepped and ready to consume
Breakfast in the afternoon
Candy, cereal and cigarettes
Silver and gold bad habits
I think that I felt happier
sleeping out in a shed behind the lumbermart
Terrified, cold and dark
But the grass is always greener
In the middle of the summer
Winter air is always warmer
When you're underneath the covers
So ten pounds of blankets weigh me down
'Cause I've been shivering
Been closing the blinds and saying that it's raining
Feathers from down-comforters
Rise up with every move I make
Translucent indoor star-shaped snow flakes
Politely ignore me
Track Name: Rock The Night Away
Tapped harmonics on a cigarette butt
Never really liked the sabbath
Never really knew what a harmonic was
Never really knew all that much
Fell asleep at a party in the middle of a conversation
Just before I told her I loved her
For the 14th time that day
She knew what I was going to say
Haven't been drunk in three months
Never really knew what drunk was
Threw up paper cranes on the sidewalk
Forgot to take my shoes off
Went swimming with all my clothes on
Winter boots and mittens
Bears and bugs and reststops
Memories of what once was
When the sun still shone past 5 o'clock
And we still had hope for the winter months
'Til the new roommate stole your homebrew
Lied through her teeth I hope she pukes the truth
Alone, midnight, empty bottles of booze
Empty as the room I used to share with you
Where the walls still echo, and I barely pay rent
'Cause I quit my shitty job again
Went to the foodbank at 2 am
They were closed with nothing left
Now we live off stale bread and cigarettes
Bummed off the stranger sleeping in my bed
A face in a crowd, one in a dozen
Another loud speaker spewing out poison
A boat with a hole in the bottom
And I didn't want to drown so I stuck my face in
5 am watching movies
I fell asleep on your shoulder blade
For sixteen mondays
Of unemployed statutory holidays